Dripping Water and trance, that comes with it


Dripping Water and trance, that comes with it

You must be a serious person. Someone who’s looking at his watch even while he skims through these lines. But before you rush off with serious business, ask yourself: do you remember the color of the sky today? People are so in a hurry to get somewhere that not only the sky, but others close to them are left unnoticed.

Dripping Water, created by experimental filmmaker Joyce Wieland in ’96, gives you an opportunity to correct that. It’s a 12 minute movie with stationary camera about dripping water on a sink. The idea was to show audience how annoyed women feel when constantly being in a kitchen. Soundtrack is just that: sound of a dripping water.

During this movie, one falls into a meditative trance and that’s something that happens rarely in cinema. If you are always in a rush – stop for 12 minutes and think about your life in front of dripping water.

Saulius Kovalskas

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