M. Deren’s “Meshes of the afternoon”: 14 minutes of surreal poetry

A shadow on a  naked wall, a mysterious key hidden in a mouth, a kitchen knife on a pillow, a monk (or a death?) with a mirror instead of a face, a bunch of wild flowers left on a lonely road, a dead woman lost in a rope of seaweeds…

These images are from the first work of Maya Deren’s “Meshes of the afternoon” which is considered an avant-garde classic. Film shows a woman’s dream full of symbols and surreal elements. It concentrates on a vertical editing, distinct camera angles, repeated sequences of the same motifs, bright details, deep sense of aesthetics, poetry and creativity. In general, it makes a strong impression of a unforgettable cinematic illusion.

P.s. Everything looks even more surreal when you know that Maya (the name of director) literally means an “illiusion”.

by Edvinas Grin

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