metaphor of “Arirang“

“Arirang” is the folk song, which is being sung by Koreans when they are mourning, Kim Ki-duk, the director, says and sings the song again and again, with more and more pain in his voice during the movie under the same title. There is no meaning of the word “Arirang”, but in the screen it becomes an abstract metaphor of sorrow.

This documentary movie is Kim Ki-duk`s therapeutic speech with himself – the shot are even edited that it looks like two Kim Ki-duks are sitting in front of each other and talking. His speech is full of self-pity and mourning – he can`t film since 2008 after the accident during the shooting of “The Dream”, when the main actress nearly died. He is still shocked and feels the guilt for what could have happened.

The movie is shot with a home video camera, the only character is the director – it`s totally different from his romantic, mysterious, aesthetic movies. First it looks like the film itself is pretty boring and it may be interesting only for the fans of Kim Ki-duk. But from the other position, strange to see, how and does it happen, when such famous and productive director sinks into such sorrow…

by Jorė Janavičiūtė


Director: Kim Ki-duk
South Korea, documentary drama, 2011, 100 min

Screenplay: Kim Ki-duk
Dir. of Photography: Kim Ki-duk
Music: Kim Ki-duk
Cast: Kim Ki-duk

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