Mari-Liis Rabene – Arirang

Probably not many people, not to mention directors and film celebrities would have the courage to reveal themselves in such an intense way like does Kim Ki Duk in “Arirang” by showing himself in front of the camera almost losing his mind. Kim-Ki Duk, known as one of the best Asian directors, has gained his notoriety with films like “Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter… and Spring”, “Samaritan Girl” and “The Bow”.
Admitting his urgent need for reaching his ambitions and not accepting anything less than that, the story leads to a sincere confession about today’s society, which is built on the expectaton, that everyone’s supposed to achive their goals and if they fail, they might not to be able to get back on the track and might fall into desperation.
During his latest film “Dreams” one of the actresses, who’s character was supposed to commit a sucide almost died. He has been hiding from the industry for 3 years since then. Struggling with the failures he had to face during the past years after experiencing some difficult times after shooting “Dreams”, Kim Ki Duk manages to produce, write, edit end shoot the whole movie all by himself and comes up with a touching story about himself.
Whether it’s should be classified a documentary or a drama, doesn’t matter, matters that it approaches the viewer by pure emotions – the same reasons, which put a human being search for the essence of life, is now expressed by his life.

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