Mari-Liis Rabene – Le Havre

Le Havre – a small city situated in north-western France, which becomes the meeting point for the characters in Aki Kaurismäki’s movie.
A boot polisher accidently mets a young boy, a nigerian refugee, while her wife is at the hospital. The boy is in search for his mother, but instead of England, where he should be heading, he finds himself in France.
Even though it’s the 21th century, the director leads the viewer back in time and mixes it with contemporary life. The way of telling a story by cinetography, the appearance of the characters and set design is pretty much similar to old masters from the 60s.
The story tells us about ironic sides of human nature giving the viewer a light feeling. Kaurismäki manages to create happy, almost naive endings in the positive sense of speaking. Seems that the audience has missed those contemporary fairytales, which are besides absurdity also filled with kindness and humour.
Le Havre will be nominated for an Oscar for the best foreign language film this year.

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