HORS SATAN, 2010, drama, France,

Director: Bruno Dumont

Probably devilishest film by Bruno Dumont (best known as author of films “Humanity” (1999), “Flanders” (2006) and “Hadewijch” (2009) was called “Satan Hor” in Lithuania. Although in the original language (French “Hors Satan”) it means “Outside Satan”. But do not start unnecessary debate about the translation – the essence of the film does not lose his demonic nature in any way. In this piece the director become independent but the very philosophical detective and decide to take a closer look at what Satan create without our seeing and knowledge.

Thus, the two young people living in a village somewhere near the sea. Their day begins and ends with a walk in the forests or in the dunes. A girl (Alexandra Lematre) thinks that a man (David Dewael), with whom she is constantly together, he does not love her. So she just follows him from behind as an obedient dog despite his strange behavior to her.

The first films shots really not inspire by viewer to the flight of cinematographic poetry. Someone put out a synthetic white bread sandwich trough the door slot, and then a man kneels before the rising sun. Begins to appear that whole film and would be boring to the inability as “Hukkle” by Gyorgy Pálfi (Hungary, 2002) or “Four Seasons” by Michelangelo Frammartino (Le quattro volte, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, 2010). But soon the movie space and tells the story capture his original supernatural which is forgotten in today’s society.

The story is not orchestrated by the director. Satan himself is making history. How else to call the man full of satanic characteristics: sharp features, sparse teeth, long nails, intensive black eyes. Shining sun easily it creates the impression that it depends only on his who will live and who will dies, who will start and what will end. All other figures of the story (a girl, her mother, swamp keeper, ailing girl and her mother, police and tourist) find themselves in the background. Notwithstanding Satan can vary its power just when it is based on the characters’ existence. But a girl remains most important of this second plan however. Unfortunately, not going to call her some another name. In this story she has no identity, because she is call on a whistle.

Man’s relationship with her – ambiguous. He consoled, protect and encourage her. He shows his support in that he shoots her stepfather, who harm her, he strike a guy who flirts with her. Also he helps her to overcome her fears (the scene where the girl goes on the line which separates the water). But at the same time, he does not want to have any contact which earthily loves representing. It seems that the tension in the film disappear if Satan beloved girl, but in this story is playing no factors of human, just pure rudiments of man, woman, nature, Satan. And they are cleansed from all over the world interpretations of the noise. Also they do not yield the place to the artifact esotericism, academic mythology or platonic love clichés.

Sometimes wistful, sometimes serious characters’ eyes into the distance like the ontological space reveal the philosophical dimensions of the world. But the plot turns destructive oppose this space cleanliness: the man shout, reminiscent of the famous Edvard Munk work “Scream“, the shot bang, deservedly or undeservedly sprinkled blood. Satan really creates the inconsistencies, destroying the harmony of all the characters, but at the end of the film shows that the destruction creates the harmony.

“Outside Satan” – is one of those rare films which consistent, but at the same irrational plot reflects the functioning Satan in this world again. When film critics and their articles yell about one or another shocking movie, Bruno Dumont offers a quiet step into a philosophical essay satanic, no less shocking, but fatal, and modifying the essence of being.

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