Title: The Return of Dragon (Drak sa vracia)

Country: Czechoslovakia
Years: 1967
Genre: Drama
Duration: 82 min.

Director: Eduard Grecner

When the eyes get tired from the bright and impressive images on the screen, there is the right time to watch old black and white movie. Let’s say, the Slovakian new wave, representing by the director Eduardo Grecner work “Return of the Dragon” (1967).

This is an intensive plot story about Martin Lepish, and the story is not much worse than today’s action thriller. Rural community once has made the man of artistic nature a scapegoat for all village woes. Martin otherwise known as the Dragon left the community but one day he returned to resurrect the specter of the past.

In this film Eduardo Grečner brings together all of humanity superstition. However, this concentration is expressed in a relatively sparingly – a black cat appears in the shoots, a woman untied black hair, like freeing the demonic forces, earthen pots break, in magical rituals slaughter old women kill lamb. The ominous soundtrack outside increases the tension, then the sound of fire and the low of the panicky cattle herd replaces it.

Sharpest touched not so much the love triangle theme, as far as the artist state in the community. Although no one character is killed, although the conflict between the two parties – the otherness and commonness – arise and goes out, drama of another human survival will not leave anyone indifferent.



by Otilija Kerbelyte

This entry was posted by Otilija Kerbelyte.

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