Agnė Rimkutė

“Cinema is in the world, and the world is in cinema. Cinema is born from the world and in the end – it changes the latter. This happens somewhere in that moment, when spectator forgets name of director and even his very own one, when forgets that to remember and experience things for other human being is kind of impossible. This is the moment, when the most beautiful deception in the world fulfills itself.“

Agnė on film criticism:

“There is certain kind of people, who don’t feel comfortable with total subjectivity and don’t trust infinite artistic freedom. These unfortunate in-betweens search for ways and tools to give some, even if fluid, criteria to experience and talk about cinema (or world, history, art…). These are film critics.”

Dominik Dušek

„Since my current studies are not referring to film, I am more than happy to participate in film projects or competitions – they can open new experiences in the film-making world for me, which I recognize as my real perspective for the future. I am a young amateur but I could demonstrate my creative potential in many competitions already – leading to several prices. My particular interests range from new media and technologies to theatre and cinema projects and other artistic areas.“

Dominik on film criticism:

„Sometime I think that the film critics are just jealous guys who didn’t succeed in the film-making. And sometimes I think that the film-makers are just lucky guys who don’t want to think about what they do.“

Edvinas Grinkevičius:

“I am a mirror which stares at you from the back. I might be lost in a rainbow or in a delicate blackness of a night. And i do things in my special way. “

Edvinas on film criticism:

“Film criticism is like playing cards with imaginary friends. It’s a game where cards of (self)expression, reflection and analysis always win.“

Elisa Martellini

“I started writing poetry and fiction as soon as I learnt writing and since then I have never stopped.I learnt photography as an autodidact and soon extended my interest to audiovisual field: I attended a screen-play writing workshop and I was involved in the shooting and editing of a short film sponsored by the Institute Osa – European Institute of Orientation Entertainment and Visual Arts. I’m motivated, creative and curious and I am not afraid of challenges.“

Elisa on film criticism:

“My very first approach to film criticism was not really positive: after I read a not very flattering review of a film I loved I thought that film criticism is a form of personal compensation for someone who has not been able to become a film-maker himself. Nevertheless film criticism is not about destroying someone else’s efforts, quite the opposite, it is about estimating and valuing those efforts: you don’t passively undergo the oeuvre, you give a feedback about it, considering its aspects and features, its strong points and its lacks.“

Indrė Audenytė

“I like three things in life. The first one is life itself and then love. And then it is cinema.”

Indrė on film criticism:

“Film criticism is not work. It is a pleasure to find something special in every movie you see and share it with others.”

Jorė Janavičiūtė

„I am a student of journalism in Vilnius University. Recently the main topic of my publications was cinema. I am trying to get into the screen deeper and deeper.“

Jorė on film criticism:

“Film critics are the hands of Darwin`s Theory Of Evolution in the world of cinema. So that only the strongests survive.“

Marija Sajekaitė:

„Laughing is the key to keep things simple while searching. For now, there is political science, photography, philosophy, capoeira, and daydreaming. And there’s Michel Foucault who once said that “if you knew when you began a book what you would say at the end, do you think you would have the courage to write it?”.

Marija on film criticism:

„Things start fading out if they’re not questioned. Film criticism makes cinematography significant.“

Monika Gimbutaitė

“As almost all students who are about to finish high school, I’m also in the middle of serious discussions with myself, trying to understand what do I want from life. Being quite addicted to cinema always makes me wonder about life in Twin Peaks or in a ship as in Fellini’s “E la Nave Va“, although it doesn’t mean that normal life itself doesn’t interest me. I’d just be a little bit happier if life was more as a film sometimes.”

Marija on film criticism:

“Film criticism has always been a part of film industry but one should not think that its only role and priority is criticizing or even worse – just informing audience about new films. Besides being a searcher and discoverer, a film critic should also be the one who helps viewers and directors by estimating films and trying to reveal the mystery of cinema.”

Otilija Kerbelytė:

“I didn’t think that my literature studies will lead me to cinema industry. But now i see there is nothing more literate than cinema.“

On film criticism:

“Film criticism is the only form of mediation among film and reality worlds. If this medium form did not exist, all spectators would transfer their lives in the screen.”

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