Ten winters

Italian story about how simple things could get super complicated and took ten years to find out. Two young people who felt mutual symphathy at the very first sight did not dare to show their feelings and confusion lasted for then Italian and Russian winters. Camilla and Silvestro met on their way to Venice and in this non-romantic and damp place to be in winter their relationship developed from friendship to hostility. And more.

Besides a cat and snails, not much else should be added in the list of the characters, besides those two undecided. Actually, there are some people in the screen but the connection that keeps all ten winter seasons together is, of course,  Camilla and Silvestro. Since there are only 99 minutes to explore quite difficult path of Camilla and Silvestro, some of the episodes remain vague and somehow seems uncompleted. Still, a viewer is capable to follow a story without any big confusions or interruptions.

Besides good soundtrack that illustrates mood there is excellent camera work: it focuses on the details, such as glances, hugs and touches, which is very relevant to notice. And there is humour: simple and so suitable in each situation it bursts. It justifies the genre of the film – comedy. But, since the the main theme in this movie is relationships, drama is impossible to avoid. Luckily, the director Valerio Mieli managed to combine hard things with easy ones. And the result is quite good.


By Indrė Audenytė


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